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What is dowsing? You will probably hear many different theories trying to explain this art and science. Basically it is a way of accessing information that is not available through means of our 5 senses or current scientific instruments. Chances are that scientific discoveries, especially in the field of quantum physics, may soon explain how it is working.

The way I see it - our higher self, or superconscious, is connected with the source, whatever you want to call it - god, divine, super mind, collective unconsciousness...

In order to communicate with our higher self at very high subtle vibrations we need to use our subconscious mind, trying to keep our conscious mind out of the picture. This ability to keep our conscious mind from interfering is directly related to the accuracy of our dowsing.

Movement of a dowsing tool is just an indicator of a signal received from our higher self through our subconscious.

According to archeological findings - dowsing is at least as old as the ancient Egyptian civilization. When you ask average person about dowsing - most will know about dowsing for water, also known as water witching or divining.

There are many uses of dowsing in everyday life. You can find some of them in the free download.



"40 Ingenious Ways Of Using Dowsing"

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